The method for the chain high weight website

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: then the first resource exchange. Here is a typical case is that a webmaster has a big database, and his website xinhuanet贵族宝贝 high weight using these data to exchange a one-way link. So we may have such a doubt, we do not own so much resources ah, right? You have to ask yourself what resources you have? Say you have your paper library, or that you have a lot of pictures, or that you have a lot of original video and so on. These can be used as your resources. If you make good use of, can be switched to some high weight links. For example, you have a good product, you find a high weight website to tell him that you give me a one-way link, I give you a discount price. Here I only give you an idea of the specific operation to see how you operate. If you do not have the resources you can give up this, then we look at the second.

high weight chain:

second: service exchange. For example, I free you do for the diagnosis of Shanghai dragon, you give me a free one-way link. Of course, this is not only to provide services, you can also provide other services. In fact, there are many services, see you how to dig up.

third: the weight of the page from the high link, such as portals, news sources and so on.

I give you to talk about how to get these high weight of the chain? How to get here? To give you one share.

second: from the directory page or page main page.

introduce about the construction of the chain today, should say the construction method of high weight of the chain. The role of the chain in the keyword ranking was extremely important, before is the chain for the king of kings, and the content of the share is very small. But now the chain of keywords ranking promotion effect is very weak, but if you are outside of the chain is very strong and you can get a good ranking in some cases. So today to tell you some of the other chain construction, said today is high quality high weight chain. What is the high weight of the chain you must have a concept of high weight chain means that the weight of the chain is very high, if your blog is PR in 5 or 6 so this is OK, can be the chain high weight. But if you are just starting a blog is not what effect. So today to give you a basic concept, what is the high weight chain

: from the first page of links.


third: attract interest. As the saying goes: no not early. It can be a variety of interests, money is only a kind of them. For example, some products provide free download, free resources, or that you give me a one-way link you can get us a very good product.

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