The last day of Shanghai snapshot and ranking data correction you pay attention to what

back to the topic, combined with the above problems, in the observation of love Shanghai station official platform recently have not been what happened, so lonely brother speculation may be lead to love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshot, ranking data with varying degrees of correction in what test. According to the lonely brother recently observed, the correction data are basically in the 7.28 weeks before the Shanghai love more data, but does not rule out the anomalous behavior of Shanghai love is love Shanghai natural adjustment results, whether the details, please look forward to the official Shanghai love >


yesterday afternoon Hangzhou Shanghai Longfeng lonely brother see their website site:02jn贵族宝贝, love Shanghai snapshot recently in 8.15, when there is no ranking keywords, and last night at home lonely brother query site, suddenly surprised to find that not only is the website snapshot, the net station of Hangzhou Shanghai dragon is retreated, to love Shanghai go home.

2, No. 8.20 love Shanghai snapshot and ranking data file

here lonely brother explained, because of his Hangzhou Shanghai dragon website some time ago has been in Hangzhou Shanghai dragon love Shanghai before three, find the black hat Shanghai dragon friends only attack, compromised website vulnerabilities, my website data all empty, can not find to backup data so the website has no time to go to maintenance management, so there is such a situation below, and recently reorganized a template, and found the background was broken once again recently made a clean.

have to mention a series of black hat recent Shanghai dragon behavior here basically is the use of the website owner is database vulnerabilities matching write permissions, or for the background space. Because many do stand friends do not pay too much attention to the security of the website, so a lot of black hat, black hat Shanghai dragon the status of black chain operation to make money.

pictured above is not difficult to find, to update the recent so-called love Shanghai week half a month, no previous so-called week, a larger monthly trend; and if you go to look at the data shows that the Thursday evening before the law basically all gone, increased love Shanghai week no regularity, this is an abnormal behavior.

, 1 week period love Shanghai abnormal behavior

lonely brother here suggest that we often use love Shanghai webmaster check outside the chain is no exception; query Links has no accident site, check the site links have not controlled website; and a key is web log analysis.

do not know Shanghai dragon Er friends have not found a series of abnormal behavior recently love Shanghai. What is the love of Shanghai technology make a breakthrough in a major reshuffle, or a love of Shanghai missing data on mistakes? We are going to talk about the recent abnormal behavior of Shanghai

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