Using footprints to look for the chain resources

bought the Zac "Shanghai dragon combat code", and learned what is Footprints, here to share about how to use footprints to look for the chain resources.



this query you can mix. In general, footprint query you enter more complex, you can harvest the number of sites will be less. But those sites not for you certainly don’t need, so a good adjustment with the query, make sure you can get a large available list.

(more than 3 screenshots are discuz, dedecms, emlog "powered by footprint".



with "powered by" the most basic footprint, for example, basically all the CMS, forum or blog program will have the footprint, are generally the most at the bottom of the web page, and then usually will be linked to the relevant website. For example:

A few days before


then see a case, where the emlog program as an example


and a little note, is that these commands may not apply to all search engines. Many noble baby search instructions in the Bing, Yahoo and other search engines can’t use. So here you can choose the two sets of footprints instructions, a specific set of noble baby, is that we are able to apply.

results are contained by your input causes the query phrase, I enter here not only "powered by emlog" is not all emlog station owners can choose to accept criticism, comment function to close. Because my goal is spam, so this doesn’t open the comments meaningless to me, so I joined the "Add comment" in the query, to make sure I search out the website is to add comments.

above is some footprints, so how do we know what the statement should search to find what we need to do with foot>?

footprints can be understood as traces of footprints. For example, a common procedure, such as the template, will leave the same trace, we can use this trace to grab and meet these characteristics of the site. Why to grab the site after grabbing? What is the use? These should not need to explain.


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