Wang Shifan do Shanghai Longfeng work can change a person

so, Shanghai Longfeng workers should pay more attention to deal with the relationship between work and family, better allocation of time, do their own work plan.

Shanghai dragon friends all know that patience is very important for a Shanghai dragon worker! We took over a site to the home page ranking from the hands of customers is long, boring, boring. Also, after we do the top of joy and suddenly fell out of the 100 gap between the heart, we need to use a calm attitude to face, everything will be fine, believe in yourself, believe that the site, Shanghai

four, learn to communicate with customers.


, patience and calm.

alone for Shanghai Longfeng entrepreneurs, the ability to communicate with the customer can receive orders is crucial to a ring. Many times, we just by the head of the program, or the Shanghai dragon, is unable to persuade customers to order. This time, we need to communicate with them specific. How to improve the success rate of communication here, Wang Shifan hope novice friends to see some sales skills in the video when nothing, although a lot of video is theoretical, but there is a lot of color of the place, we need to grasp their own lives, try to make a record, used in reality, "

Wang Shifan recently because of Shanghai Longfeng work, busy. From the start on Thursday, a customer web site keywords ranking has been in the fall, Wang Shifan has also been found, but in this process, the importance of let Wang Shifan feel most is not Shanghai Dragon technology, and a person should have the psychological quality of Shanghai dragon. So today, we will talk about the Shanghai Longfeng work to enhance the quality of the integration of individual

of course, when our website ranking is not stable or top down, we need the ability to learn. The key reason for continued to collect and analyze competitor rankings ranking is not stable, so continue to analyze their own weaknesses, the learning process of others, we often say that the analysis ability and learning ability.

Shanghai Longfeng workers rest time was occupied, especially on their own Shanghai Longfeng entrepreneurs. This king Stephen have experience, staying with friends, after they came back from work, I rarely communicate with them, a strength to do their own thing, like every day there are endless things, sometimes their research focused on one thing, friends beside the help he did not hear so, is not a harmonious signal to his friends. Wang Shifan often and friends dinner, friends are busy preparing the dinner, he appears to be a strength lying in front of the computer to see the data or the chain, in the course of time, they also began not happy with Wang Shifan.

believe in love!

three, learn to deal with family and work.


two, learn to analyze the ability and learning ability.

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