After optimization of the incoming Scindapsus decide on what path to follow

at this time, 360, which is clean, safe and trusted search engine. Soso, Sogou also actively respond, as if in a cup of soup. As everyone knows the story of the wolf, who dare not say this one and that one another. Who said no to the memory of Google, although still so far away.

this time, love Shanghai fight is to promote the soft, to do is to increase scrutiny, increase penalties and spread to undertake site. >

July 1st, the party’s birthday, is also an important moment of the return of Hongkong to the embrace of the motherland. The great love of Shanghai, to this day, the domineering side exposed left There is nothing comparable to this a pen, do not know the reason is whether the announcement of the 2 update algorithm Scindapsus? Too many people forget that Scindapsus came, the heart of the panic. Today there are Scindapsus algorithm 2, or similar to the Shenzhou series, there is always green No. 10. Then, said the upcoming pomegranate


network, whose fault? For Shanghai dragon attitude, love Shanghai is never cautious. For a black cat in Shanghai dragon, Baidu has never been abandoned; for the Shanghai white dragon, Baidu no love. For the love of Shanghai, it is important to users, is concerned with money. After all, there are still a lot of love than Shanghai also great Internet companies, Tencent is not in love with the sea Empire at least enough to see. In addition, Shanghai seems to love is not an innovative enterprise, Robin Li advocated to regain the wolf, some people also love to see Shanghai from 2003 was not a success and great product.

these days, has been very confused, as if can not find the passion for beginners. Just remember that I love Shanghai Longfeng optimization, patience also hope to learn to adapt to it up. Yesterday, a hospital and colleagues to communicate once, when I know a little of the private hospital, every month from the Internet to more than 2000 people, a lot of feelings. As everyone knows, the doctor is not a joke, this two thousand person is likely to be twenty million "transactions". This effect is also very famous in China. Then, such a successful network marketing case, Shanghai Longfeng working group is unsatisfactory. "Almost most of the sites were K, plus medical bidding, rarely by the snapshot to the people, do not do the optimization is down." Finally, I reluctantly asked, at least you need to edit and maintain the website. However, who will not write articles, news professional copywriter with high levels of more than one two, plus now has a special production team.

even so, compared with the US P people, love Shanghai or the superior. Think of a word, users often apply, we began; love their products among the highest in Shanghai, we are also helpless; love Shanghai often change the site by the K algorithm, we can only eat the bitter fruit. Even love, Shanghai stationmaster began to publish relevant information, and pay attention to the webmaster friends exchange, also known as the progress of the industry praise.

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