Expert the latest 2016 special island registered company process and costSelf catering platform from

Fifth step

5 service SMS configuration

2, prepared a few company name, then need to check whether

your user side, merchant side, delivery terminal, APP configuration, packaged after completion, you need in major application stores on-line including apple market, millet market, HUAWEI market, etc. to provide users with your download

1 domain name and server purchase

7, the shareholders are prepared to electronic certificates now register, use the whole process online, use the electronic signature.

seventh step, check the results online. The applicant in the online registration system to view the results of handling, commercial registration authority to approve the registration, the applicant may register system on the Internet electronic business license; the eighth step, apply for business license paper, need to go to the registration hall to receive; the ninth step, with a license to seal engraving engraved chapter chapter

1, registered companies need to find a good place to register, such as no registered address, you can use the attached address;

I believe that a considerable number of people who are not willing to live in plain life will embark on the road to entrepreneurship, but there will be a large number of people will be like me, take the self delivery platform of self entrepreneurship. You may wonder why I choose in Entrepreneurship in the forest of giant domestic Internet industry but the takeaway takeaway O2O? O2O as "real needs" and can copy the project planning, I still do not regret their choice of business. As a person to come over and analyze with you, how are the self catering platforms from 0 to 1 launched?.

6, elect a good legal representative and Supervisor two positions can not be the same person concurrently;

3 app packaged

in general, this section does not require you to worry too much, you buy the source of the service provider for you to deploy. But you need to inform your server about the information and provide your own logo, slogan and other related brand information.

2 program, server deployment,

sixth step, electronic signature and submission request. Check the application form of electronic information is correct, managers, legal representatives, shareholders and board members and other relevant signatory into the digital certificate of electronic form of electronic signature, submit the application, wait for the results of the audit;

second step, the market supervision bureau website application name pre-approval, obtain the name pre-approval notice;

, fill in the "three in one" the other tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, seal license application information;

and other enterprise name;

note: shareholders are foreign institutions, need to submit third party documents such as pre-approval documents, verification report or letter of inquiry, third party authorization and other special circumstances can not be handled through the whole process of online to transact according to the traditional model the specific financial advisory Xin Jun.

company is a necessary part of the entrepreneurial process, often in the entrepreneurs to start their own entrepreneurial projects must experience links. In recent years, the country’s encouragement of entrepreneurship has made the process and expenses of entrepreneurs in the process of registering companies greatly reduced.

first step: the handler uses the electronic certificate to register the user in the market surveillance bureau website;

platform will be related news for the rider and the user’s information push, which requires the SMS service platform in more than Ali subscribe to the service, and obtain the relevant parameters, after testing can be used after docking.

3, the implementation of registered capital;

domain name, the purchase of services for a grassroots webmaster, it is easy to operate, we all know what the domain name, what is the server, but this for small white, or need to explain. The so-called domain name is the address of the platform you build. The so-called server is the place to carry your platform’s data. General domestic can be purchased in the cloud, of course, also need to buy after the completion of the record of the domain name that your website title belongs and analysis domain name and server connection, the two part can be carried out under the guidance of customer service in the cloud.


needs to build its own platform before the actual operation. I think most entrepreneurs will not "silly" to convene dozens of technical personnel, the development of a few months to make an original platform, this will only be difficult to please, but also very likely to drag their own projects. Because I used the "Jianghu takeaway" CMS system for rapid construction, here with you from the use of such CMS platform built to mention.

third step, the market supervision bureau website into the company set up process online whole process;

6 app stores on the market shelves

1, business license is a copy of;

payment interface configuration requires your account number, also need to apply for immediate transfer service to obtain relevant configuration parameters in your alipay.

two registered company process online for the entire process, including three in one

4 payment interface and related account configuration

three company registered successfully after information

of finance;

5, draw up the company’s business scope;

fourth steps, fill in the company’s articles of association, resolutions of shareholder’s meeting, manager’s appointment, etc.;


the preparation of a registered company

4, determine the proportion of shareholders’ contribution, prepare shareholder information;

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