An effective method of analytic website PV value increase

page, can be very good to improve the PV value of the site, of course, many of the sites are well aware of this truth, a long article to users very good for browsing, in other words, the article is too long to the user’s first impression is not so friendly, but few users love reading too long this paper, therefore, appropriate paging easier for users to accelerate the speed of reading, but also can improve the PV value of the site. Paging, the best is a question left on a page, the next page to answer the question, so the purpose is to cause the user to browse.

Through reading recommended increasing the PV value of

said in the chain who did the best, of course, is the love of Shanghai encyclopedia. The encyclopedia love Shanghai in the chain to achieve the ultimate, allows users to stay in the Encyclopedia of time is very long, natural user experience is quite good. So even if the lack of the support of the chain can reach a very high ranking. First look at the inner chain, love Shanghai encyclopedia figure:


also can improve the PV value of the site, and when the user through the end of this article, nature also looking for the related content of the article is more, so by setting the reading related information can be convenient for users to stay up on the site into the depth of view, it is very good reduce your bounce rate, because the bounce rate is according to how much time to browse the website to be divided, when the user stays for a long time on the site to reduce natural bounce rate. Therefore, the use of related reasonable improve the site very effective PV value, every webmaster should pay attention to it, it can also improve the user experience.

a lot of large articles, as shown in figure

, by setting the page to enhance the site PV value



website PV value bounce rate can reflect the very good website, the higher the PV value, natural bounce rate is small. The bounce rate is small, so that the user experience of the website is quite good. There are other factors of user experience natural site also have been improved, because the search engine is the value of the user experience, a good user experience of the website ranking weight is not bad to go. Today I share a few effective methods to improve the PV value:

three, through the reasonable inside chain improve the PV value of



Through the

Such as the recommended reading will be at the bottom of the

when you browse the article, do not love a long, this article does not have many users to read. Generally suitable for fast browsing user’s words are controlled at around 300-800, too long should tidy up the use of paging form, as shown in figure


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