Again instantly search why A rout is like a landslide

immediate bluff."Chinese search in

search for "national team" and the silence of the winter seems like, has also been in hibernation. With a more tone of ridicule, a search team is always to keep silent rhythm turtle speed forward, but recently always a little action, this "behind closed doors" to launch the new product experience, but the results did not achieve the ideal want. Which is one of the representatives immediately. In the early stage of development, immediately invited Deng Ya Ping for its propaganda campaign in the early indeed achieved some results, but the Internet products are not a gimmick and star effect can play a decisive role in the final analysis, you want to survive or rely on strength. Immediately, although there are many resources, the top search team name, but a careful analysis, you will find that all this is false. As the search products, there are many aspects of

. Since the merger from the immediate search, to search tree banner, Chinese name really sounds good, but people do not buy this account, most people still do not know, but not big atmosphere led to this embarrassing situation. Can not say that this is the China search in business strategy failed, no real fame and name will effectively unify. Even if there is the possibility of exploring the process of entrepreneurship, but for now, the time is too long, giving people the feeling is elusive, not a performance. Although China search in the media as the "official" two words in the body, but in private underestimated, this is a "three goods, no fame, no popularity", "brand", in these three aspects can be said that it is only a name but not the essence of the lip-service, no one willing to buy it, only the search continues to sleep.

marketing planning of deviation. From the establishment, merger, integration to launch, the signs China search, the brand is not fully up, fame out itself is great deviation, want to go again to go into the market, and in local narrowing. Why create products to launch people see hope? The reason is very simple, I don’t know you Chinese search, also talk about what you use, so in the brand, there is no Chinese search from A to Z set up, did not play out, also with the increasingly long time, make people lose confidence. From the media perspective, China search promotion is not in place, the use of the natural rate is low down, in fact, there is no mass base, how you will give yourself gilding is impracticable, the ancients said, "and then decline, done in one vigorous effort, three and exhaust, China search is still floating, it is do not go.

there is no substantive product experience. The market for the Chinese search queries are also more and more, "what excess" and "copy" and "speculators", "waste of resources and so on, these negative comments, the China search did not launch consumers satisfied with the product experience, so finally transformed into the irony. Today, Chinese search also has, continuous integration to launch some new experience, the effect is not ideal, such a small.

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