Qihoo 360 to reach ZDNet confirmation and noble baby cooperation

in August this year, the Qihoo 360 issued the "three hundred war caused by search engine". A few weeks, the Qihoo will gain 10% market share. Since then, the Qihoo is likely to seek commercialization in the field. Stifel Nicolaus previously reported that 360 dotting advertising platform marketing platform there are many companies willing to help the 360 Qihoo to search an account, can according to the customer demand to provide service to buy keywords.

ZDNet, the Qihoo 360 has confirmed that the company with the baby cooperation message to ZDNet, but refused to disclose more details.

Qihoo and long-standing nobility baby in the search business cooperation rumors. Zhou Hongyi earlier announced that Qihoo 360 are willing to open mind in the baby, Microsoft and Sogou cooperation. Earlier this week, Bloomberg also quoted the analysis company Wedge Partner said Qihoo may cooperate with the noble baby in early 2013. In addition, the market research company ABR Investment Strategy Qihoo in fiscal year 2013 search business revenue is expected to increase from $62 million to $90 million, a price target from $30 to $32, it is driven by the cooperation and relationship between noble baby.

technology Tencent quoted industry sources said, originally expected soso noble baby to contain love Shanghai, avoid the Chinese search engine market is too single, and now with the cooperation of Qihoo 360 is also based on the same considerations.

Qihoo 360 confirmed to ZDNet and noble baby reached cooperation


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