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domain:www.sina贵族宝贝.cn out of the results, but I tried, turned 10 and did not find out this title, but the title at domain:www.sina贵族宝贝. Moreover, the scarlet letter part from the picture of that, the author does not use the domain:www.sina贵族宝贝.cn command. Because in the description of a CN, but has not been marked in the scarlet letter. The general that you can think of, love in Shanghai in about www.sina贵族宝贝.cn. And the title will be much, can be said to have more than the love of Shanghai search results showed the largest number, how can one know this love Shanghai, and does not exactly match the title to appear in search results.

saw an article today, mainly on the expression of love Shanghai domain command is not reliable, domain is called "love Shanghai chain", check out the result and not the chain, and give examples to illustrate how this command not reliable. See below.

he said, only to find 19 related results, which will be of noble precious things, which are not a figure in him. But in the domain results (this should be the pen). It can be said generally users know the domain name is not much. Even the love of Shanghai also included the 19 pages of this domain. In domain by some other weight high website title or content page is beyond a normal thing. Love Shanghai looks like there is no domain this command written into his senior grammar description. I am in the domain:www.qzfan贵族宝贝 of their own station, the result is the most complete. In this domain, the home show incomplete results, there are generally included in fewer sites and some relatively simple domain name.


domain my understanding is: all contain target keywords "included, not the so-called chain. You can also domain: Quanzhou warmever electronics, results basically equivalent to the direct search "Quanzhou warmever Electronics" results in highly, show that after, will be cut to other components of words, search results. So this command has never been defined as the search for the chain (the chain) command. Even if the query to exactly match the results, those are not all effective outside chain, can be said to most of the results are in the form of text format. Now there is no one to increase this value of ranking has a direct impact on the next node.

Of course, I also tried

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