Simple analysis on the traditional website optimization method

Website optimization method of traditional

website optimization, it is natural to do the search engine rankings. Therefore, the dynamic needs of search engines, have some grasp of. If Google is doing, the algorithm need to know whether there is a corresponding adjustment recently. Do Chinese website, you need to pay attention to love Shanghai, 360, sogou. They need to change some rules, and optimize the observers keen insight. The earlier found the rules, do preventive work on the web. So, to avoid the search engine damage". Such as the recent "chain rule" rules of the publication of the book, let the optimization personnel was shocked, indeed also produced a corresponding adjustment. So, what kind of search engine rankings, do preliminary insight.

, the need to adhere to. At the same time, need to learn some new optimization techniques. In this way, both effective, to achieve certain efficiency. The traditional method to be reliable, a new method to learn and master. Long time effective accumulation, can make the optimization skills, get a substantial improvement, the site will be a great help. This article from: 贵族宝贝shop.xinhuacang贵族宝贝

website optimization, is currently the main technology of natural ranking. Through the corresponding skills, keywords will set a good, effective to enhance the search engine page. Then, increase website traffic and conversion rate effectively. To do this, is a boring life. Moreover, the need for longer periods of time. Therefore, the need for a good attitude.

The contents of the traditional optimization method of

, mainly from the inside and outside the station, around two aspects, the corresponding work made. From the station, such as the construction of content, in the chain. Speaking from the station, such as the construction of the chain. These are well known, and the main points in the effective operation of the. These are the normal work, need frequently to maintain, good effectiveness.

some optimization, that only the station is good, do not need to do outside the station. This idea, whether can pass? Personally think that this is a single line. Key points of the station optimization is the density distribution within the chain, content, keywords, these points effectively set up, without recurring to update. Therefore, outside the station optimization work can not be missing.

, is the basis for optimization work. To the website can gradually advance, we need the corresponding other factors, auxiliary to do optimization. By means of Web data analysis, to do detailed analysis. Such as site visits, where the source is, by what means and so on. These elements, do data analysis of a EXECL table, is very clear. Long time analysis of data accumulation, can have an overall grasp of the website. Thus, to effectively improve the work efficiency, so that the content is better.

The traditional optimization method of

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