Stone Ji analysis of weight secret love Shanghai

4.Alexa ranked

Trust We Related domain

2. page

what is love Shanghai related domain? Love Shanghai related domain is domain:+ domain name, maybe some place called love Shanghai or reverse link chain. The relevant domain website of the higher level of activity, it also is bigger, this time there will be a lot of path to the spider, so love Shanghai will be more understanding of the site, when you get to know the website to make a judgment. It is beneficial to the construction site of the. By contrast words weight is improved.

Alexa ranking is currently used to evaluate a frequently cited index of a site visits. In fact, Alexa is ranked according to the user to download and install the Alexa Tools Bar into IE and FireFox browser, web data to monitor its access to statistics, therefore, the ranking data does not have absolute authority. But because it provides a comprehensive ranking, including the visit quantity, ranking page visits ranked other evaluation information, and there is no > and

general query this is accurate, we have to look at the number of our chain chain, the correlation between how much, how much is the station link station link, the correlation between how many. Then compare. Get a result, but also can be a standard weight of indirect reaction site, the more the chain relatively higher weights. But the best is the correlation links into the weight is the highest.

in the search engine is looking for something to enter a keyword and search engine will be for this keyword to provide you with a series of answers. We search are used to love Shanghai. Love in Shanghai China occupies 73.82% share of the market for most people there is love Shanghai. That how to make your site ranking? Love Shanghai why let your website ranking? Have a baby like noble value evaluation: "the PR value". Love Shanghai also has a name: "weight judgment". What is the weight of the weight? Not a single, it is a comprehensive many factors and.

1. love Shanghai

3. YAHOO the chain number

love Shanghai love Shanghai how much direct reaction included page on your site, included more, that fall in love with the sea trust. Sometimes also can appear like this, the website contains many, but some days later and reduce the amount collected. There are two reasons: 1. site problem, love Shanghai trust, the spider less understanding after falling, then included reduced, this is a process. There is a web site because of duplicate content is too high, the spider that come in are the same, after analysis included no much reduced trust in the site included, at the same time will also decline, the weight is relatively down.

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