Shanghai Longfeng navigation new pattern of each page is navigation

and now we do Shanghai dragon, the general focus on the second stage is from the search engine, for a new sites, the most reliable and stable flow or ultimately will come from the search engine, we are not portals, no brand effect, not to others to cut directly from our home page navigation. So I think the new site and you do not have to put a lot of attention to the home page navigation above, but to put in the content page; here some people may want to scold me, "you say that navigation is not important?" no, I’m not saying no! Navigation is not important, I mean we do not need to a lot of work on the home page navigation, but on the content of the page navigation above construction, we should make each page navigation "! Let’s see, when we from a search engine or Other propaganda path to get traffic, some people will point home slowly? But we must make relevant content navigation, traffic to let this we derive as much as possible traffic, so we want to be in the relevant content on the page click on the "efforts to try to guide the user we do not visit the click, imagine, since the user from the search engine came to this page, it means interested in the keywords of the page, then we can have the relevant navigation and guide the user to click, I believe still attracted a lot of traffic


Now many webmaster

with WordPress server, the WordPress plug-in is very much, such as the above example is the use of "hunting" plug-in, the plug-in automatic recommendation technology, can be very good to the viewer with the recommended >


just Jianzhan novice, often into a lot of errors, especially in the Shanghai dragon; in the eyes of the novice, Shanghai Dragon technology is superior, always in worship, but often no way. I cite a simple example, just started to enter the ranks of the novice webmaster, first tend to spend too much time in the home above, usually with a lot of plug-ins, make their home as much as possible to spend a beautiful, open home packed full of navigation, directory, label etc..


in fact, many owners have been aware of this problem, such as the East studio website in the content page with plug-in implements content navigation related:

I’m here today to say is the site navigation, as Cai Wensheng said, the Internet information entrance in unceasing change, before 2003, the Internet from Yahoo this portal, the corresponding China portal is Sina Sohu NetEase; 2003 to 2008, the Internet is changing our entrance this noble baby, love Shanghai the search site began; from the beginning of 2008, in the United States, the Internet entrance into Facebook, Twitter, and China corresponding personal entrance is renren贵族宝贝, happy net, sina micro-blog.

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