How to drive the Shanghai dragon and soft website weight

as everyone knows, is a high quality of soft, can bring very direct effect to your website and brand, and, so far, many sites are through the soft Wen to drive your weight and flow, so as to further increase the site users.

finally, the soft with your website complement


site requires writing so as to bring traffic and improve the weight, the same, you do not have a website, write out the soft, there is no actual meaning, unless you are prompted by a sudden impulse, write some high quality.

if we regularly writing, such as a Wednesday to four, in this case, the key words more important role before a lot of people ask me, the beginning of the new station with no traffic ranking, how to break this bottleneck? I speak to them directly, in addition to the original with the chain. How to write the soft Wen, because you write high quality soft Wen will be many websites, but also is the high weight website, on your website exposure and visibility have greatly improved. I am writing here regularly and regularly submitted, the effect is very good, although there may be some intermediate copy my articles and below with their own links, but also did not mean Evil can never prevail over good., xiaodaxiaonao. The other is not to say, about the key.

regularly released soft in some sites, is the result of the increase in the amount of users, so when people formed a habit, you have to pay attention to the quality. Continuous writing, are bound to improve all aspects of their writing, and imagine a high quality of soft, may help you bring dozens of the chain, hundreds of traffic, ten high-quality? Twenty? Even more? This is what we expected results. Of course, this is very far away, it is difficult to achieve, but only insist, can bring the help for your website. If not what quality assurance, that your site is not what the development of space.

first, the first step is used to


is also the output quality.


remember this remark gurus say "Aristotle": "excellent is a habit". You can stick to one thing a day for two days, ten days, eight days, not what you can, rare is a month. Two months or even often insist on one thing? I believe now look at my friends this article, also do Shanghai dragon! I also adhere to the "exquisite Shanghai dragon + execution". Three days of fishing, two days of the operation, will only make your site effect more and more worse, the principle to update the same station. You can think about it, if your site, a few days did not update the content, the user experience of the natural difference, only fresh or other articles, in order to attract attention, I think this is the webmaster know. So, good habits are very important.

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