To break through the traditional concept of search engine Shanghai dragon new ideas

the past two years Shanghai dragon is the fire to a certain extent, the author is lifting equipment category website (Jilin Guangjia platform), from the beginning of the 09 year while working part-time, but after 2 years of vicissitudes, my site did not come up, the new site is like bamboo shoots after a spring rain like me the search engine may now Shanghai dragon is more and more difficult, more and more competitive pressure. A lot of Shanghai dragon ER all want to feel now diverted, because the search engine drop right is subject to changing moods, said the right down, and be right down is more and more difficult. When there is no way the only his cheek to resign. For some of the experiences in the 2 years I talk about my feelings, may have been a lot of search engine of Shanghai Longfeng people who like to see, do not scold, who like to take a detour.

is a search engine of Shanghai dragon people will buy links, some people say don’t buy black chain risk, but the search engine judgment is href how he would judge is black chain or Ming? He climbed the code, can not say that there is no direct link between the 2, there are some links you see is a black chain not to bring direct hits, for weight, buy black chain and the chain of a sample, the author has done some experiments, buy the chain for Shanghai dragon is a key step to remove the link is a science, I say no more here.

and other search engines in Shanghai Longfeng methods are monotonous, so return a responsibility, in the execution and adhere to. I don’t want to say a lot of nonsense, find this article useful words please support. The pen is also under my right down the poor site we welcome the guidance strategy, the current state is not very good (贵族宝贝jlguangjia.>

2 buy links not only useful and useful links, buy black chain and the chain no difference

this view is my 2 years summary, many people say that the same IP do not Links or a web site in a IP site with other punishment is very dangerous, but from a practical point of view is that this is not the only search engine program compiled, programmers are not going to go the server then made a big burden to calculate with the domain name IP, which means that in the time of Shanghai dragon ranking to all domain names into IP addresses first and then go to the query, imagine how many times more computing server. The fact that a lot of flat-share open website, with a IP server there by K is down right now, but there are large influence I really have not seen a lot of sites at least how much I do is flat-share, but not affected by other websites. For the chain, with IP’s Links spider is a domain name to determine links instead of climbing the IP address with IP, so I think Links is effective. But if there are a large number of 2 stations in circulation links, so I can not guarantee the search engine to determine whether the 2 stations in cheating on each other.

1 search engine is not so smart to judge with the server IP

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