Why should the check their website was hacked

recently many enterprises website was "black", and in October 17th 18, Jiangmin company’s website (www.jiangmin贵族宝贝) home page has been tampered with, once again aroused people’s emphasis on network security.

three years ago, some websites in China is "black" web page malicious tampering, have been raise a Babel of criticism of. The reasons for this phenomenon are two: first, China Internet access to the rapid development of the hitherto unknown at that time, and the network security construction started, the development of network security technology and security equipment behind the network application; second, people understand the concept of network security is not deep, safety awareness of books in network security the construction of the small investment. Because of the above two reasons, resulting in many networks are unprotected. In this state, the site is "black" is easy for hackers.

information in high-speed flow, fast switching, unlimited replication of the shared value. With information sharing is always accompanied by and steal information protection struggle of the flow of information, information exchange, information development of a history of the development of information safety is also a history. The development of information security has experienced three periods: the confidentiality of Communications (COMSEC), information security and information security (INFOSEC) three times. Because of the huge effect of the value of the information, stealing and anti theft, tampering and anti tampering, theft and anti theft struggle is inevitable. Some website was hacked, the past appeared, and today, the future will appear. The information security construction not once, to track the changing security situation, raise awareness of information security, improve information security laws and regulations, perfect the system of safety management, continue to provide safety function of the system.

the past three years, the construction of China’s information security has shrunk. From the government to enterprises attach great importance to the construction of network security. Government has formulated relevant laws and regulations, government and enterprise website network security management center, network security technology and equipment, especially the core equipment have made great progress. In this case, a well-known anti Virus Inc website was hacked, is a warning sense.

second, to ensure information security.

editor’s note: the website was hacked, we have seen a lot of changes home. Some time ago, but the company Jiangmin security vendors had a home was changed in the industry did raise a Babel of criticism of this website, the latest development of event tracking reports. Although this matter has passed, but it left us a warning but in the continuation, and always will be. IT168 information technology expert committee of several experts to give the industry more warning, wrote the follow-up reports of analysis, discussion of the website was hacked deep reason, security vendor products can not believe that the problem will be divided into several follow-up reports. Let us concern.

first, network security is the concept of development, today’s security is not equal to tomorrow is safe, there is no absolute safety.

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