Share the basic optimization DEDECMS program

URL standard proceduresWhen creating a content directory program optimization directory series optimizationThe default

in the background of the DEDECMS, suffix is at the end of the /xxx/index.html, and in order to comply with Shanghai Longfeng standard, we need to remove the index.html, if you use IIS to create a web site, can be in the IIS property, document properties, in the default content in the document, the move to add index.html second, the first is the default index.php, re open a lost will find the content directory suffix index.html.

DEDECMS is a very good open source, powerful open source is generally unmatched, though the DEDECMS’s own Shanghai dragon in place to do more optimization, but there is still room for change, I according to some previous experience as compiled under the DEDECMS scheme, we hope to be able to use DEDECMS webmaster friends help.

calls the latest articles section, random article section, popular articles section in each forum website, call the relevant function can refer to the DEDECMS help manual, add these sections in order to constantly update the status in the website, to search engine crawlers each visit can capture different content, and try to add one more related articles in the forum page calls, the aim is to improve the content of the exposure.


fourth: update

: first

DEDECMS automatically add anchor text keywords function, but.

sixth: automatic anchor text function

the default program title to the title of the article is added in the form of the name of the site, and in order to make the program more accord with the title of Shanghai Longfeng standard, the main title site can be modified in the index.htm template file, and list the title of the page can be modified in the list_article.htm version of the document, the title of the page can be modified in article_article.htm the modified template file, don’t forget to update the website in the background.

DEDECMS directory is stored in the /a/ directory, that is to say when you create a directory or the preservation of the path is in /a/xxx/123.html form, this directory form leads to the article page weight decreased, so we have to go out of this /a/ directory, open the web site, click on the background on the left side of the system, and then click on the system parameters, the document HTML the default save path "in a can be removed.

second: program Title Optimization

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