Talk about those things outside the chain website optimization

submission alone is clearly not enough, the optimization objective is to increase the weight, but is still the ultimate goal of traffic and conversion rate. Submission is only affected the weight, also need to rely on to promote the conversion rate of flow. At this time, attention is being transferred to the platform to bring traffic to release the chain. The first to talk about the chain blog, blog is in many media platform is relatively high, a lot of the blog platform audit requirements is not high, it is for you to release the chain to reduce the threshold, but need to keep for a long time and is not a blog, a short duration of time will bring success, but as long as adhering to the user value the principle of the chain blog, will bring you unexpected harvest. High weight blog: NetEase such as Sina, Renren, Tianya, and method of the chain: Keywords + the chain, usually placed at the end of this article or in the form of anchor text.

finally come to see the answer.

outside the chain is varied, the format you choose determines the quality of the chain. As we all know, although the impact of the update of the original station on the weight proportion of a large part, but only in the role of the chain under the stimulation of the weight will be improved. One of the most common way is through the high weight site original article links on the assumption that there must be a high-quality content earlier, so high weight website brings is outside the chain of high quality. General high weight submission website: Shanghai dragon why, A5, network owners of these sites, but relatively strict review, need to carefully read the submission rules.

recently, love Shanghai rules although there have been some changes, but the influence of the chain does not reduce, the chain effect on the website optimization is needless to say, the key lies in how to send the chain. Today, something odd million small from several kind of platform for website optimization to talk about the chain.

believe that every webmaster will meet about the problem of the chain when doing optimization, especially for a new webmaster, outside the chain is basically in a type of exploration, but the weight and flow changes before, always doubt the way of the chain of the chain is correct. The issue whether or not useful, and so on, of course, these really cannot do without the chain of high quality.

come to talk about the forum outside the chain, interactive forum is extremely strong, usually to attract users posting replies in the form of participation, but this way can bring to the site in weight or flow? The answer is yes, odd billion small for itself in the tui18 forums for example, believe everyone will understand. Forum posts, will usually receive a "no" and "thank you" and so on this kind of reply, when others have no intention to see your article seems to be less important, they do so is just outside the chain. In addition to the post itself can add the chain, to bring forum signature links, as long as you participate in the reply, and can obtain a chain of opportunity. Better the chain forum: tui18, Ali, Shanghai dragon forum, sina etc..

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