The establishment of the website key thesaurus for the direction of network marketing

thesaurus to do one thing most important promotion, Shanghai dragon is the first thing to do keyword analysis, location, layout and so on, a lot of people know the importance of keywords. But many people do not know the importance of key vocabulary, because people are playing popular keywords, a web site more than half of the flow is from the core keywords over, and a small web site in general it is not easy to do long tail keywords, basically a few small website operators can realize the flow up this crazy. So they do not study the long tail keywords, I will pay so much attention because the Alibaba’s credibility. Put this topic a little further, we return to a web site traffic is how to, traffic is included and ranking Click to add.

as a user if you want to find a product, although some results are for you, but I will still find a few other companies to do comparison with you. Because you can not be forced to choose the information you, if it is a novice to find products, usually, from the first to find the last one, unless some very selective talent will jump on. I personally think that information is more important than the depth and breadth of coverage, so we establish a website, website may say this pattern are too not to do that when the network marketing we should establish a keyword thesaurus, post marketing success or failure with you of the thesaurus size, correct choice of words on the.

The key is to do the Shanghai dragon

although many sites faced included this problem, but there is a way to solve, as long as you put a lot of valuable keywords collected over. We can use some other search engines included platform, as our words make up. I see a lot of free B2B platform and information classification weights are very high, we can use to brand promotion, can be used to flow two introduction, although there can be some waste. But on the whole, or our own information, many people say that the search engine to occupy the screen, this person does not love me, love is our information covering the breadth, not depth.

Of course,

is not required to be included in the Alibaba store this B2B shop, all included one hundred percent. That way, the more products you publish more keywords, as long as the weight of your shop is high enough. Then you get to the traffic will be large enough to do before Ali will certainly do keyword research this thing, but still do the Shanghai dragon, basically play the target keywords. Occasionally, the long tail brought a lot of traffic, then I put the long tail of the continue to enlarge, really huge flow. To understand this benefit after I continue to dig more keywords, such a virtuous cycle.

is not a key word later built on the matter, later we have to constantly improve, we need to know what kind of recently there has been some new words. New use of new products, new features, and these useful keywords summarized into our thesaurus, Google once.

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