Sorry we love Shanghai may misunderstand you

many companies often receive love from Shanghai to promote the phone, every time will be a greeting. There is a small customer’s website in 2011 did the love Shanghai website promotion, the station did not have to update the site, but in the promotion period in Shanghai love natural ranking is also increasingly better. To the end of the coming season, temporarily love Shanghai promotion words all stopped, after years of preparation for further. This year found that the original site keywords ranking disappeared, the chain and set down in a complete mess. When I talked about this and cooperation, Xiaobian analysis after he told him: "love Shanghai promotion is very helpful to the natural ranking". The small customers of Shanghai dragon though I don’t know, but also back to the small one: "I think so". After about 10 seconds, suddenly shouted: "I don’t do it down to my site ah, I XXXXXXX ah". It really scared me, don’t look so quiet people, there is also a time when burst foul language. Then I told him, you also have the responsibility of. The customer is very confused, after a small series for the analysis, he cut to So that is what it is.. The following small share why, we might have wronged love Shanghai.

graph and the second one is a chain of love in Shanghai know, we are not in the title and description to see the specific domain. For the chain can directly find the location of the page, click on our love Shanghai snapshot, look at the location of the chain. The following figure:




In the


is not difficult to see that the first two love Shanghai promotion links, the site is not a chain, not to the target station to bring the weight >

we can see the Domain record in the steady growth, the overall ranking of website, etc. also included normal. Next we look at the site within 24 hours of the new Domain results, how to obtain precise rival chain query method can refer to a small release of "resources" written in this article. Figure

believes that the red box area webmaster friends very familiar with it. This chain is actually love Shanghai area, that is to say, the chain is the chain of love Shanghai promotion brings. Next we look at the chain of HTML code, see the links to other pages is not the customer site or love Shanghai.


for customer station temporarily haven’t had sex in Shanghai promotion, good analysis. We just find a love to do Shanghai website promotion, such as the website. We first look at the historical record of the inquiry through Domain this website and query results, as follows:

is as follows:

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