Summarize the cause of love Shanghai site is down right

4, the site must be safe, not a Trojan and black chain: network security has been more and more attention by people, so we do the Shanghai dragon, we should pay more attention to the safety of the site, if our site is hung up the Trojan, or being hung up the black chain, cannot remove the Trojan and black chain, it will lead to the site in the search engine to reduce the weight.



5, in order to maintain the stability of web server: influence the stability of web server to a web site is very large, imagine, if your site can not open the regular, then the search engine will think users will often not open when you open the website, the user experience is not good, the weight. Nature will lower your site so we choose in the web server must choose stable and fast server.


3, the content of the website updated regularly: as we all know, the website need to update every day, so as to maintain the stability of the site in the search engine rankings, but people have inertia, often forget to update their site, causing the site update time is not always fixed. This is also one of the reasons for search engine drop right, so we should develop a good habit of site is updated every day, or update the content of the time not too long, as far as possible, regular quantitative update, maintain a certain

1, website content must be legitimate: if the site contains too much illegal information, then illegal word on the site by the search engine’s website included, intercept, or even reduce the web site in the search engine’s weight in general is to ensure the legitimacy of the content on the website


6, site layout and site keywords accumulation density is very important to Shanghai dragon, but many people do not understand the keyword density should be to what extent reasonable, many websites are blind stack keywords, keywords accumulation so that it will be suspected of cheating, is harmful and useless for web

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7, do not frequent change the site: the site layout can reflect a site is beautiful and generous, but the site layout problems we should do in the pre prepared ahead of time, often change the web search engine will cause dissatisfaction leading to drop right, so the site is built at the beginning will have to know how to layout, as far as possible don’t frequent change a site

2, the content of the website of the original search engine attaches great importance to the original web site content, if the content of your site a large number of long-term acquisition from the Internet or copy and paste the content of other sites, so your site search engine drop right is certain, so, I have as much as possible to improve your site in the search the weight of the engine to write some original article, may many people will say, I will not write articles, this is the reasons and excuses, we should dare to learn to write, write, write more Practice makes perfect., naturally skilled

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