2015 website promotion to Shanghai dragon thinking


Ps: this step is the site map, tag optimization, code optimization, image optimization, robots protocol, URL based optimization of unified entrance and so on, this is a one-time Shanghai dragon based optimization.

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case website: Hefei printing factory www.zhidaiwang.cn

because of the title of the website is determined in determining the target user group website, if your website title changed the target user groups corresponding to your site has changed.

analysis of target user demand, so how to analyze user needs? In 2015 was mentioned several times, in fact it is put in front of users want to see content directly into the user, reduce the cost of the user’s choice.

in the third step, we get the goal of user needs, through analysis of user needs after we need on the website of the title selection and determination.

The first step of

, making user groups positioning need a website Web site, the site of the positioning target population.

, do the keywords we need according to the website of the market customer groups to determine the above, he must be printing printing things to people, and his customers must be with the enterprise more personal word printing less.

see here buddy after reading will feel very empty, feel not to learn what. Because here I just take out the website of Shanghai dragon thinking, learning the best Shanghai dragon still need to combine case for learning. The following combination recently to do a website to explain step by step above things (the analysis is not good, or the structure of the website layout do not ask Master light spray

in the fifth step, to determine the site of the title, the section of the web site, web page layout. Optimization based Shanghai dragon we need website, make your site search engine friendly can let spiders crawl your site smoothly.

The first step of Second step

we have to do a website to website keywords make up you must be thinking what is the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon thinking? Here are some understanding of Shanghai dragon thinking.

Ps: about the needs of users, how to analysis the needs of users, this knowledge is not an article can say clearly, don’t you think a few words can be said clearly, analyzing and mining user needs is a constantly changing, he is not immutable and frozen. Now the user needs is a constantly changing variables so we should grasp as Shanghai dragon Er is the ability to analyze the needs of users.

the fourth step, after the analysis of user needs to determine the site of the title and the target user groups, at this time you can set up a website column and web page layout.

Then the

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