Poor Shanghai dragon and the nternet overall poor

marketing, Shanghai dragon also depends on the overall planning, to really do a good job site of Shanghai Longfeng, out of the "cheat chain", "cheat flow" embarrassment, also must jump.

of the network industry, the negative impact of excessive Shanghai dragon first reflected in the search engine only following the lead of the quick idea, it will be "network marketing, content is king" misinterpreted as "network marketing, search engine is the king", completely bound many webmaster, Shanghai dragon ER head, in actual operation, to Shanghai dragon techniques of idolatry and morbid pursuit of the "Shanghai dragon veto system, network marketing will narrow for Shanghai Longfeng morbid Shanghai dragon concept, did not pay attention to the user’s search engine marketing plan, only to let alone what innovative marketing mode of Shanghai dragon became completely mechanical rigid personnel" in Shanghai Dragon ranking tool".

"energy-saving" Shanghai dragon

should be said, has a positive significance to promote the rapid development of the network marketing industry in Shanghai dragon. First of all, Shanghai dragon prevailed, completely reversing the small and medium-sized enterprises (especially domestic enterprises) that "network marketing is to build a web site" concept; and with the rapid development of the search engine, to effectively enhance the role of Shanghai Longfeng sales continue to appear, build network version of "numerous military and political leaders, Ning will" myth, making the network marketing concept in a broad range of popular products to accelerate the development of the network industry.

such "only Shanghai Longfeng" morbid Shanghai dragon does not focus on the core competitiveness of enterprises, so the whole network marketing practices of extreme poverty. The website (enterprise) is completely reliant on the search engine on the body, so the search engine ranking method on marketing "even if successful, once the search engine algorithm change slightly, it will inevitably lead to the website marketing slump, unable to achieve the purpose of sales continued to improve.

Foster Like other

in the network, as the network industry at present very fruitful means of marketing, Shanghai dragon successfully conquered the whole world, successfully influenced the world almost all the webmaster and network marketing professionals, as they always can not avoid the topic.


second, Shanghai dragon spreads operation and website operation specification of network marketing standardization. It has set up a website and website operation operation generally consciously abide by the industry standard, and in a relatively short period of time spread to the entire network, the rapid development of the industry can be described as kindness knows no bounds.

is a step forward but the truth from falsehood, further development of the Internet, excessive emphasis on the negative influence of Shanghai Longfeng method bring network industry more far-reaching, then maybe have more long time, we can truly and objectively examine Shanghai Longfeng negative impact on the entire network community.


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