Shanghai Dragon how to do the actual enterprise website optimization

third, maintenance Links, Links each other advanced weight, improve the key word ranking, although there are a lot of interest, but not often protection, friendship connection persecution is not small, not what kind of friendship link exchange, should first check whether the other site deformity, export link is too much. Over 50 links do not have to consider, because you don’t get what the basic weight, last time someone XQB change link, XQB at more than 100, and he also claimed to change to the weight, of course he said so. XQB remind you to regularly review Links, remove K or the right to stand down, a good ranking is friendship trouble landed too much injustice.

first, label use, construction earlier station easily appearing in the title, was not very common throughout the optimization, according to the observation XQB this kind of website is only the title title tags, and no key word tag and description tag, the network in such a competitive environment, a key words may have decided to a site of vital importance, and these labels if the application can be a mix of serious long term, strengthen the competitiveness of the website, even if the site update snapshot will index to some description, with content updated and snapshot of the transformation, any changes in key words want to leave can’t stop, such as key words we XQB dragons Wang pump: soft pump, screw pump, small pump, micro pump, water pump and so on can use Dragon King. Must not miss.

second, the content of the pseudo original, XQB think this is a lot of enterprise web sites often make mistakes, do stand to update the content is indeed a very tiring work, but it is also concluded that the search engine you mainly according to the site is serious, a large number of content acquisition over do modification, search engine is not to leave good impression, most search engines face the original, there is some enterprises think wisdom changed the title can muddle through search engines will not be so stupid, the individual is through the content and title that all the content will control, XQB feel update a pseudo original is better than collect over the strong.

I do Shanghai dragon beginning, found that Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a time-consuming and laborious work, work force and way directly related to the success or failure of optimization, XQB because just come into contact with the Shanghai dragon, so many details of optimization is not enough to effectively optimize the skills, content is not high, sometimes winning it neglect the details of the resolution.

fourth, site map, XQB think this point is important for Google, many sites are not the site map, affecting XQB for love in Shanghai was relatively small, but also love Shanghai we do not need to submit the map in Google webmaster tools can submit sitemap maps, we determined by webmaster tools Google, the collection is more obvious than love Shanghai, but after the formation of sitemap, the results are not the same, Google included.

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