360 search engines will affect the Dragon Er join the development direction of Shanghai

Since Shanghai!

through the preliminary observation, 360 comprehensive search ranking positions with Google ranking position similar to the preliminary judgment 360 comprehensive search should be used with Google similar algorithm. Of course, some people say it’s love before Shanghai algorithm with the algorithm, acquaintance, as for the real algorithm, Shenzhen site optimization that remains to be studied. However, before the 360 search engines are still immature, the web site of the Shanghai dragon really don’t have to think about it.

is the 360 on-line search, seemingly also makes Shanghai dragon industry has some vitality, however, with the development of 3B war, 360 search traffic is also in decline, then the 360 search rankings also continue to improve, for ordinary webmaster, from the flow of 360 search is less and less. The last burst of 360 search crawl the web is mainly through the browser’s address bar crawl, that is, the user input from the browser address, then the 360 browser to address to the spider crawl.

360 do search is the user experience, pay attention to the safety of the website is, if we do the Shanghai dragon website program vulnerabilities, or is linked to the horse, then your website ranking will fall. 360 search may not allow a secure web site is displayed to the user, that is, if we have the Shanghai dragon er.

360 search engine algorithm

launched 360 search, the search engine supports 360 Shanghai dragon er up to 95%, because in 628, the owners of the road slowly declining, Shanghai dragon industry is no longer a vibrant industry in Shanghai are mixed, Longfeng slowly shifting operations or marketing behavior. Shanghai Longfeng if not to create an industry brand, always love Shanghai puppet, let love fish


search engine from Qihoo 360 low-key on-line these days, there have been a lot of traffic from search over 360! Although only a few days, but traffic has more than soso, Sogou and Google, only to love Shanghai, so we have to have rushed absolutely ignorant of a dark horse, has made a lot of Shanghai Dragon people feel panic, what will happen next?

360 search engine low-key on-line

the future development direction of Shanghai dragon Er where

also joined the search engine war camp for new. After Sogou announced that it has temporarily flow over Google, 360, Tencent announced the same day to force the accident in the search engine market, the Internet search engine Chinese challenge long held the position of boss love Shanghai.

search engine is just a temporary integrated search engine, in addition to a comprehensive search, vertical search: news, quiz, MP3, map is to jump directly to love Shanghai, but the video 360 video search, the picture is immediate network search, shopping search site taobao贵族宝贝.

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