Modify the site Description and Title removal site copycat image

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in the title part of the way, before taking into account the two new sites not what weight so repeat keywords, but after maintenance and promotion, to enhance the weight, I decided to brand before only for keyword for the title package. In the first part of the description on me with a website brand name. Followed a brief description of the key.

for new sites without the weight of the site, you can in the beginning in the title and description part key repeat method. Because in the new beginning of the line, if you want to like from the site of this part of the modified to achieve ranking, this method is the most effective. This station should pay attention to modify the frequency. We have the opportunity to leave late weight changes, modify the contents of the three parts is not so terrible, this is a must, but we strive to do one step.

for the weights of the website: as I said there is not PR (the reference weight is only one algorithm, Google ranked love Shanghai, but not cold) included in the site, home page and inside pages are some website ranking. This website if modify the three part describes the Google update quickly than love Shanghai, love Shanghai will follow soon, the final result is the ranking of the site if the modification is very easy to get high ranking in place. The most important is the web site does not need on the part of the title keyword is repeated. Here is the weight of the site continuously revised several times title still can very quickly be reindexed.

site title and description some of the words are a bit too stressed, decided to weaken this phenomenon I became a pressing matter of the moment to improve the site in the search engine, the brand image (search engine results of the two part). Through the analysis of the final identified in part title by repeated description of the key, and weaken its copycat image in the description part of the key emphasis on strategy.

for the two part of the amendment to the different operations for different sites:

description was modified, long tail keywords statement in the process repeated, because the keyword in the search engine will generally add color, so it is necessary for us to make the website keyword appears in the description part interval, repeat in 3 times. Description returns in search engine results for a multi point is enough. This watch let visitors feel very refreshing.



before many of my friends say now the search engine has weakened the key role of keywords and description, title gives more weight, so more and more people employed in the optimization method of Title part of the repeat key. Me too. But in order to remove the image caused by the keyword copycat website. I decided that the two part of the two sites on the modified opponent.

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