The medical industry of Shanghai Longfeng blow by the way where


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How to find a new platform for


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before I wrote an article (how to cancel the security alliance of false information to your site, here the main tip) refers to the medical websites, including some grey industry, such as chess, like the lottery website, today is mainly the analysis of medical industry of Shanghai dragon also want to do, how to find a new platform, what prospects.

medical industry of Shanghai dragon

How about

look at love Shanghai news, we can know that the future of the industry is still to be optimistic about everyone

so do the medical industry friends do not be too pessimistic, we should actively look for ways of coping. This article from unnecessary network, reproduced friends please leave a link, but also as a reward for my hard work

the answer is of course to do, how to do. Just search for a medical industry, love Shanghai front pages are portal news station, portal quiz platform, especially in the last 360 love Shanghai, began to adjust, the doctor recommended the home page, the medical industry site pages to see the shadow. We can operate the space in the search engine of this one, mainly on the performance of essential news in the portal platform, a variety of resources, news, news sources, the latest web resources resources, collection of resources, we can according to our own needs, to choose a suitable price of our news resources, the article is of course to the quality of high worth publishing. The doctor is a platform, we can study on it with their own products or answer questions, although more stringent audit, but many do, always will be out of effect. Q & a platform such as Qihoo quiz, search Q & a relatively easy to operate, love Shanghai now know the tube was quite strict.


out of search engines, we have micro-blog promotion, Taobao promotion. The medical industry is special, but there are measures under the policy, now also love Shanghai to seize the mobile market share, the medical industry can prepare in advance, micro-blog promotion is a branch of the mobile market in the future of the future, since the Shanghai dragon our operating space becomes small, it will find a new platform to operate. Taobao promotion is not new, but for the medical industry is not very mature, so it can be said that the operating space is also great, mode of operation with other industries there is not much difference, but need to try what is the best way for the industry.

medical industry outlook



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