Novice webmaster must read do the basic principle of website article optimization

keyword should appear in the end position. The first search tool to capture part of the opening part, so the first part of the article is more important. In this article the last words are for article really relevant guarantee. For the vast majority of traditional articles, articles will be at the end of a summary, so the end should appear keywords, of course, even the words, also should follow the principle, not stiff pile, but not malicious stack.

note: the title of the article should control in about 20, to 17, 18 is appropriate, the longest no more than 30 words, and don’t over emphasize the keyword search engine to avoid being blocked.


optimization of the key wordsThe

The title of the article

try to appear in the title to do keyword optimization. The principle is to try to express the complete, then under the care of the feeling of the search engine, finally think of user search habits. Taking into account the user search experience, search engine optimization title is not only to love our articles, more let search users to choose us, so we need to go to the station in the user’s perspective on the combination of the title of the article.


article is a site soul, a website is not good, will not be attracted to what people watched. From the perspective of website optimization, the optimization is used to improve the website included an effective way and the amount of traffic, if a website article does not do optimization, the optimization effect is that this site will be greatly reduced. So how should we do in the station optimization

note: in general, an article optimization 1-2 keywords is appropriate, a maximum of not more than 5.

Optimization of

title in front of the text, keyword by the former so search engine weights are given the high, so the combination of a title, the important keywords can go on. Such as micro enterprises self-help use evaluation ", the" micro enterprises self-help "is what we have to do a keyword, so we put in front of.


also, when writing web articles can be added in the article some changes, this is also a good method, such as the appropriate resolution of keywords. We can put a phrase apart, turning him into a simple sentence, it can better improve the searching accuracy. For example, if we are the key words of "site optimization", we can also say "how to optimize the site".



in the aspects of optimizing the contents of the article, first of all need to do well in the chain optimization. Specifically, the first keyword can be on the content of the add in the chain link, and keywords within the chain should be selected with the website home page, channel home page, column >

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