Long tail keywords can also be indirect optimization

ads try not to directly knock on your brand name, try to do a circuitous promotion, such as your brand is Admin5 station network, website target keywords "webmaster nets" has been optimized to the first love of Shanghai, then you can in the article should be mentioned the word the word station network, can guide the visitors to search the station network, and then access your website, rather than continue to say how good such as admin5.

It is very important to choose the Why

since we need to rank the display rate to get through these platforms, so the choice of platform is very important, only a high weight, or high traffic platform in order to achieve the effect of. Here we recommend to share some of the high weight platform industry will be able to use the Shanghai library, Shanghai, love love experience, love Shanghai know (the answer), watercress, happy net, as long as you can write, the ranking is very high. If you are a health medicine class, you can choose some famous website of community health.

this theory is for small and medium enterprises website optimization promotion, after all the weights are numerous and chain transfer increases, so the enterprise website, including page optimization more difficult to achieve the optimization of the long tail keywords, so we can use the long tail keywords transfer station outside the extension to the above, as long as we implanted in the written article in our brand and product advertising, so you can use the high weight platform to optimize the long tail keywords, long tail keywords these general ranking is very good. Although the advertising effect is a bit poor, but for small and medium enterprises is to optimize the way is simple and easy to achieve the long tail keywords.

look at some segments of the industry, for example, now very popular "biological Fiber Mask", if your product is bio fiber mask, for example the brand name "Admin5", such as "biological Fiber Mask" products, although very prosperous, but the professional website is very small, so long as we do a website for it, the key words of "biological Fiber Mask", competition is relatively small, is basically a number of pages, then the optimization to the first easy. Then we on other platforms do long tail keywords, such as "what mask most health", so we should not be implanted into the "Admin5" brand name, and should emphasize the "biological Fiber Mask", not only in this way.

everyone on the long tail keywords should be very familiar with it, the concept of me is not explained. Most of the time for the long tail keywords we bring to the site keywords into huge traffic, is the essence of the station optimization of large web sites, so that everyone would be long tail keywords is the station optimization such a mode of thinking frame is dead, in fact, for small and medium enterprises, optimize the long tail keywords is more suitable for indirect (optimized by other below, we detail the platform).


for indirect optimization long tail

ads target keywords

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