How to enhance the charm of website search engine spiders crawling


to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng. We all know that attract spider is very important, whether we are doing inside or outside the station, although our ultimate goal is ranked, but why do the station is still around to attract the spider to do, say you do the station code structure adjustment, can effectively attract spiders smoothly the crawl, because when you meet the site to adjust the structure of the spider crawling taste, so the spider will often visit your site, and every day we update the article, but also to a convenient excuse to the spider included, even if we do outside the chain, but also to attract the spider crawling website and do, so that can attract to the spider is directly affect the key to do the top, may be here, we all know the importance of the spider crawling site, of course, spider net The station is a key, but the key is whether the spider crawling website included your site information, so that not only to attract spiders also learn about spiders included habit, so I took this name: website charm, like saying you do outside the chain, to attract the spider the site, but in the end the spider or to see your site is attractive enough to let it go by this article, I will share how to attract the spider crawling website and how to enhance the site’s own charm with you.

, how to enhance the charm of

first I want to say is that the language selection site is the best static language, which helps the site be included in search engines, of course, dynamic language will be included in search engines, but in terms of the effect is not very good, and even some dynamic website may be a new on-line, so I want to let search engines and trust generally have very long periods of time, the website search engine for static pages, the recognition speed is very fast, included the situation will be very good, so first we as far as possible to do a static website, then we need to do in the station code structure adjustment, we need to put all the words into the title inside. Key words repeated in the inside of the title can be omitted, it is best not to repeat, this is for the best, the next is meta in description and keyword, only description To write and then put the natural profile keywords embedded in can, and keyword>

1 station, structural adjustment, improve the site charm

I have just said, that is, to enhance the site charm of the spider crawling habit and the station included habit, so here we do not have confused don’t think, just remember that station do match the spider crawling habit and included habit, ignore all else, then how do the station? In fact, you may see a lot about this the article, which is the largest station to adjust the structure of the article, adjust the structure of the station of course today I said I only said a few key, the other I will have filtered in the station of the update station also belongs to attract spider magic to win so I will, at the first, the first share of Web site structure adjustment:

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