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talked about a light topic today, huh?. You know, women are born shoppers, and women’s money is good. Some people don’t mean that 80% of the world’s wealth is created by men, and 80% of the wealth is spent by women. others say, don’t beat me, doing business should be a woman’s business. But I’ll struggle after the men chose to do, earn money guys. In fact, men are better than women. Why do I say so?.

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men and women have different shopping habits. Men for shopping, women shopping for pleasure. The purpose of shopping is clear, and the price sensitivity is not high. Women need good guidance for buying clothes, and they’re sensitive to price.

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for clothing, whether it is to do men’s clothing or women’s clothing, there is a big market, but because of their different characteristics, different types of entrepreneurs should choose a different direction of entrepreneurship.

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men’s market environment and women’s clothing is not the same. Because of the theory in front of the bottom, so many women do, do less men’s clothing. Most of my friends are women’s clothing, leaving the market gap is relatively large, men’s clothing to the relative pressure of competition is not so great.

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finally is the interest, I used to be a person who has no taste for clothes, I can open the pat fashion men’s clothing store, often have new clothes to wear, although most of them are sold, ha ha. Men’s fashion magazines have not been sold less. When I make clothes, I improve my taste and taste in men’s clothing. I’m really not interested in women’s clothing, so when we are in the clothing business, we must first consider their own interests, no interest in doing things, a little tired.


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men’s and women’s life cycles are different. Men’s wear life cycle long, women’s wear short. The advantage of long cycle is not to worry about pressing goods, not all day development of new style, even if the development of change is not big, change to change like that. Women’s wear is changing so fast that you can’t relax one day and your mind must keep up with market changes. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time doing well.

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