Keywords general optimization need to pay attention to several points

four, wait for the update takes time to verify

love Shanghai update without Google came so fast, Google can be a week for keywords have the obvious change, and love the performance of Shanghai is not so clear, the general line of keywords need three to four rounds, in order to have the obvious change, so as Shanghai dragon Er never with the customer guarantee, especially ensure that the time is too short, it is completely do not go up, even if their chain of sina, NetEase, Sohu, it is impossible in a short.

Keywords Title

two, page optimization keywords

three, the anchor text keywords appear mainly in

title, a web site keywords matching

to do a keyword ranking the most effective form of the chain, of course, is to appear in the form of anchor text, the chain for keywords ranking to take an important role, but the anchor text links like in other sites is generally not possible, unless those unattended or is added to the nofollow page, many novice where the hair was very high, actually that cannot be included in the search engine or by the chain will not transfer the weight, had more hair is invalid. The anchor text forms of the chain showed Links and BBS signature, blog, the other is the use of network resources, ask others to give you a one-way link.

generally refers to the search volume is not key competitiveness is not high, such as the Shanghai love index two hundred or three hundred, page ranking three or four top-level domain, this type of keywords only content page optimization, it is difficult to go up, or that individuals choose to column page optimization, the effect will be more ideal, general optimization key words, need to pay attention to a few details, a few also often overlooked.

title is very important for a web site, the weight of love Shanghai given is very high, for a column page optimization of general keywords, must be fully matched, such as you need to optimize the tea set and gift tea these two words, it should be a list, a lot of friends with love a word to write the title, so give weight keywords to search engine is not so ideal.


website is not enough, the contents must reflect the keywords to optimize your, this is a problem that many people ignore the Shanghai dragon Er, a lot of friends to a large number of keywords accumulation in the site title, site title that appeared more keywords, keywords can be more involved in the ranking. But often many words are not words and content, even no column page or content reflected, such correlation with word page is very poor, want to let the keywords ranking, fear can only use the chain to pile up, once the strong competitors or outside the chain of negligence, keywords there will be a decline.

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