How to alleviate the traffic decline


4, multi page drainage

can create a website, the enterprise can have several sites, the establishment of a number of websites can avoid a website right down, server problems, such as the risk of being black, this time the other sites can still support business, but there is a premise, you have enough people to take care of the the site, not a multi site but eventually no one to take care of, The loss outweighs the gain.

3, a website

if a site traffic from home, it is certainly not enough, if most of the pages you can constitute the site drainage, then you will have more chance to get traffic and method. When the home page or part of the page when there is a problem, there are still other pages in the Everfount provide flow. In addition to these pages can also be drainage on other sites, also is the soft or the chain, can obtain more natural stability with the flow of many well-known brand, many companies are now doing advertorial.

social media can be used as an important source of traffic to the site, not only can introduce a lot of traffic to the site, and can interact with the users, and to enhance brand awareness is good. We say that the official website of millet, if be right down, there will still be a lot of traffic support, one of which is the QQ space, we have to understand that I’m afraid. At present, QQ monthly active users reached 611 million, of which 70% by mobile phone to access the QQ space, has become a social networking platform currently the largest and most dynamic in the mobile side. Including WeChat, micro-blog, if done well, can the overall traffic website (pc+ mobile) provide a strong backing.


2, social media by

if the enterprise only a website, try to make the site traffic source diversification. In general, the main source of web traffic is divided into: direct flow, flow, flow and pay recommended natural flow. So the website traffic can part from the natural search, in part from the PPC, in part from its external recommendation, in part from the network as well as mail, QQ and so on. So, even if you search flow down, website traffic will not be all lost.

said the search engine is still the most important site of the most valuable source of traffic, search engine traffic accounted for the decline is, but still in the source of enterprise website traffic occupies absolute proportion, but also from the search engine users more easily transformed. This point is also more and more enterprises pay attention to, but the search engine on the natural flow is relatively unstable, for example because of mistakes right down and change and seasonal competitors affected, causing the site to flow down, how to alleviate the website traffic decline, the loss is reduced to the minimum

traffic sources


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