Love Shanghai K station should take timely countermeasures

2011-7-21 9:00, the site continued to close one day (previously independent IP host

July 23, 2011, the webmaster career for the first time in K station experience will undoubtedly make this day deeply imprinted in my mind. 3 months carefully crafted site will not cast to waste overnight, I did not dare to think. But, I know as a webmaster, we should not complain to love Shanghai, because the complaint is in vain. Instead of spending time there to complain, take the time to analyze K station and take timely countermeasures.


doubts: half a month ago the entire station had a nofollow set, will not move too much to trigger a nerve root to love Shanghai? If it is excessive optimization, can.

through the above a few days, I think this is not the true sense of the K station, may be a stern warning to love Shanghai.. In this connection, I for the site analysis may cause some love Shanghai plan, and timely take measures.

server space is not stable )

2011-7-23 site by K home page, the inside pages are all in

: temporary measures will be placed in the space above the virtual host is not a sure card, after all, the space also have to change to the space better than before. So, the 25 day is today, buy VPS a separate place site.

2011-7-25 site pages included several 5


love K station in Shanghai, then several discussions after all is said and done (love Shanghai cramps will not be considered). But for different sites, we should treat them separately. Here is the site open after the site in Shanghai love performance.

suspected of excessive optimizationAccording to the

2011-7-22 8:37, the site was temporarily placed in the virtual host, included normal, snapshot 21 days.

before the Zac about excessive optimization of the article, I think we should not. The anchor text chain breadth of my pretty good, the chain is not in a short period of rapid growth, and the chain is the anchor text of the home page, there are more cohesive address, the content page links, should belong to the more natural.

at 9:00 on the morning of July 21st, the site was due to the space defined as "substandard" forcibly closed without notice, the time for a day. Here I am not taking space practice without any explanation, I just want to emphasize that we do not make good conscience, violate the laws and regulations of the state of things.

points: space suddenly open, will not be the love of Shanghai K station. I’m not sure?. After all, before he had 5 days to open the site, but the ranking is still strong examples.

2011-7-24 site pages included down to 2

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