Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform detailed news source site rules of survival

December 25, 2014, VIP auditorium love Shanghai Webmaster Platform latest lecture in Beijing, the theme of "love Shanghai news source site" by analyzing the rules of survival, quality news case, detailed love Shanghai news sources included standard, penalty mechanism, and related problems derived. This training has attracted Sina, NetEase, Phoenix, A5 nets, CCTV news portal site responsible person, and the car home, found room and other vertical portal to attend.

training tutorial and questions have been published in the head of the community activity area, want to further understand please click the following link: 贵族宝贝bbs.zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/thread-15031-1-1.html




VIP auditorium since its inception, held a total of four field training, on-line with the webmaster Institute, Shanghai Webmaster Platform love will be through a variety of online and offline channels to the webmaster to teach love Shanghai search engine knowledge, next year will continue to force through college station, line on line teaching video and document the form of universal search the engine of knowledge, to help the site to enhance the value of building green ecological circle search.

at present, love Shanghai news sources included more than more than 10000 channels, relates to the site more than 4000, far exceeded 10 million on diversion PV, these data show that the love of Shanghai news on the site and powerful user’s influence. Love the Shanghai news sources on the site and the channel has been closely around the authority and influence, timeliness, originality, user experience five dimensions were selected for the news accumulation, meaningless rewriting, plagiarism, homogeneous content, low quality news content translation to reduce or not included. A news source is very strict, for the site to be black, soft, hot (by malicious diversion keywords, content not related) zero tolerance behavior, and be severely punished. Want to apply for a news source site and channel can be applied by love Shanghai Webmaster Platform club VIP and Webmaster Center to submit feedback, for penalty, and the rectification of the site can be restored to the news source through the two channels for.

training is the first to the news source site revealed the love of Shanghai "echo plan", the search results page by large column form give news source site special displayed on the web page.

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