Comprehensive analysis of how to combat large stations in Shanghai Longfeng website keyword distribu

do not optimize a keyword in multiple pages, to avoid internal competition, search engines in general, only a page out of the most relevant in the front row. At the same time a page for the three to four keywords optimization; can not be too much, so as to highlight the theme of the page in the page; and planning, targeted;

Pyramid structure

core keywords in the spire, the optimization of three to four keywords, with home page to optimize; core keywords Zhitong Talent Network: recruitment, recruitment network, talent network, on the home page to optimize;

extended and key core of the key word, so down to dozens or hundreds of key words. How about these keywords and reasonable distribution, for a beginner of Shanghai dragon people, still a little confused.

Last time,

three keywords, can be placed in the channel and column home page to optimize; such as career planning, workplace health, workplace etiquette, career information on the home page to optimize the workplace;

keyword has come to an end, we will do the next note chain.

Note: The

long tail keywords at the bottom, can be placed on information, posts, etc. to optimize the project.

optimization page keywords, this is mainly about the distribution of key words;

two level key is located in the tower, usually placed on the column or up to optimize the home channel; workplace, interview, resume, HR etc. these words are put up on the column or channel at home is optimized;

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