s Juhuasuan really worth it A small number of large sellers of small sellers survive difficult game




Juhuasuan last year sales of over 20 billion 700 million, has become the country’s largest group purchase platform, the Taobao, to train, drill exhibition, gold coins and other means of marketing, Juhuasuan is definitely regarded as the number one. Now, although the platform’s influence is still underestimated, but the seller has no appeal in the past.

Juhuasuan real situation

in group purchase is just emerging, Juhuasuan dozens of tens of thousands of single product sales now has become the past, most of the single product sales are currently at about 1000 of total sales in the 10-30 million, in addition to the removal of the consumer group purchase fever, the more important reason is that Juhuasuan is now the pit increased many times, at the beginning of the day dozens of products, and now, with the brand, tourism life decoration and other types of products, Juhuasuan every single product in 5000 or so, the commodity group purchase about 2000, although the overall number of Juhuasuan every day is good, but to each merchant account is not much.


in the pit, the problem of corruption because before, is now a public auction, from running into tibet. Some people say that more and more fair, some people say that the soup does not change. But for businesses, it is necessary to pay almost the same cost, but for Ali, for a means of anti-corruption.

with the increase in pit position, the decline in sales of single product, and now Juhuasuan pit fees and competition is not fierce, the current pit fee is not more than 50 thousand. The number of each pit bit down to a dozen or even a single digit.

in terms of revenue, the following figure is a platform for publishing industry data (2013.7.15-2013.7.21), a single product sales of $44 thousand, ROI is 1.87, which means that there will be 44 thousand yuan to sell $23 thousand and 500 to the platform. Of course, this is just an extreme example of the off-season, most of the current ROI between 4-10.


expensive cost, limited access, numerous diversion, small sellers survive difficult. Juhuasuan is a rapid return of funds before, to create a platform for the explosion, and now Juhuasuan has to consider the input-output ratio, a little inattentive to do a loss of sale.

even so, Juhuasuan is only a small number of sellers of the game, small sellers do not have to think about it, only when the news to see. Occasionally a middle seller Juhuasuan guard, the whole company to do after a month, and big sellers, almost every week to three or four times.


pit fees rise, frustrated by the many small businesses, but for the capital and operational ability of the sellers, almost no effect. The auction schedule from the surface, the principles of openness and transparency to allow businesses to develop, console >

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