The story of me and VC when VC is a belief

personal webmaster no VC can go far?

I’ve been away for 4 years.

since 2003, four years, I have spent 12 months looking for venture capital, looking for acquisitions, the 12 months in the 12 month run to and fro, tired not black not white, but did not get a penny of venture capital, but not clear to spend a lot of money, more heartache than money is. I lost the most precious is the rapid development of the Internet in a year, and I know I may lose more.

my site, starting from 0 to now ranked 1500, from an unknown game peripherals website, now developed into one of the best in their field sites, relying on their own efforts to go today, and shake off a tired, I looked back, there seems to be a lot of words to say, hope to those who still depend on the sky fell VC to help some friends.

talk about the beginning of the year, at that time, VC seems to have become my belief in the Internet life.

in 2003, my website ranked 20 thousand, monthly income of 500 yuan, the staff of 2 (his wife).

when the sky was clear, think that venture capital is a simple thing.

impression, the other people’s mouth VC do not understand the details of the network, flicker their money came, and at least a few million. Today, there are a lot of people optimistic and wrong with the same understanding.

know there land with such a VC, so I surf the Internet every day, more of a task, in the Baidu search for "crazy risk investment" and "VC phone". You know, I was from an ordinary Internet users to search an important stage of master change, just a few days time, I went through the search engine to find the Softbank, IDG, Huaying and several other large risk company contact telephone number, and found the relevant person in charge, everything seems to be under control.

next, those who started the interest to listen to my introduction to our website. The other side is very polite to write a written proposal. Everything is in the hands of

write overnight!

a few days later, VC is in a meeting.

wait, still waiting anxiously anxiously.

a few days later, received notice. Let’s go to Beijing for an interview.

two words, excited!

finally dropped VC and hit me!!!

can call me to say that the problem is not big, should go to meet to talk about, maybe you can take the money back to Xi’an. As a result, the new suit, with only a little savings to buy a valuable gift, took the opportunity to take advantage of the.

met VC investors, immediately put on the gift, and told him to get the money must give you XX%, this time the heart is very practical, serious

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