See High German user strategy 10% lost from free navigation event

: seize the grass root user of high moral map beat High German navigation


Gould and Baidu last week the PR battle played very lively, but I believe that the insiders will see the point: the High German navigation free, not the real rival Baidu navigation; High German navigation, is actually standing beside it turns the High German mobile phone map. Why do we say that we first look at the development process of the high – German "navigation" and the "map" of the two location services.

July 2009, High German companies on the iPhone released a fee version of the navigation software. This software can not plan the bus route, does not support walking navigation, specifically designed for car navigation. It can be said that the charges of High German navigation aimed at a car Gao Shuaifu wallet.

May 2011, in High German navigation earned two years after the high handsome rich free of charge, free iPhone version of the High German map was officially released. At first, this product is not a detailed map data, there is no traffic alert, only provide location search and route planning function, users are those who don’t have a car of grass root.

for the High German company, this is no advertising revenue, there is no diversion function software free map, just charge essentially version of the navigation software trial version, the main brand publicity. Whether it is high German internal, technology media or users, not the free map too seriously. At that time, it was generally believed that a penny of goods, the quality of free products must not be less than the cost of professional navigation. So, like Zhongguancun online, Pacific computer network technology vertical portal, until last year is still doing mobile phone navigation software horizontal evaluation, rather than a map".

of course, from the current results, the value of the free map is underestimated by most people.

released from 2011 to the present, High German mobile phone map has a total of 137 million users, and more than 62 million active users. As a competitor to the High German map, free Baidu maps also won over 200 million of all platform users. The High German pay version of the navigation software, although about 70000000 smart phones to download and pre installed, but only about 3 million months of active users.

The massive user

"free" brings, let free maps become an important mobile phone entrance, so as to support more value-added services, such as easy realization of the electricity supplier and the group purchase – this is undoubtedly a "1 plus 1= infinity" business, and a free version of the navigation software is doing a "sell one is a" business.

is more important, in order to retain users, currently driving navigation free mobile phone map is inferior to the paid version of navigation software — everything HUD, voice navigation, traffic tips and other functions, I recently measured gold map and High German navigation, navigation experience is not much difference.

when "navigation" has become a mobile phone

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