Daily topics facing the P2P net loan industry risk warning to the industry ills

station network (www.admin5.com) on October 5th, the day before, low-key wading P2P business of China Merchants Bank news caused great concern of the capital market, has been leading the banking net, cross-border innovation, China Merchants Bank, try to carry out the P2P business, brought some positive factors to the P2P industry in the near future uncertain disturbance. After all, China Merchants Bank is a traditional bank, bank liquidity management, risk control, compliance and financial strength are better, the bank chiefs incoming P2P, P2P industry practitioners interpreted as positive factors, but also is considered to strengthen high-level signal to P2P industry consolidation.

in the last 3 years, the number of net loan platform to grow at a rate of 400%. This year is to enter an incredible accelerated growth period, when the beginning of this year, the net loan platform to increase 1 or 2 per day, up to now, an increase of 3~4 per day, a month to the line of 100 platforms. It is expected that by the end of this year, the national network lending platform will break 800, and in 2010 was only the 20 institutions." Net loan home founder Xu Hongwei said. In fact, now the entire P2P industry, whether it is the number of on-line platform, or the total amount of loans are growing at a high speed. Total volume of the platform to 500% annual growth rate in 2010 was $600 million, is expected in 2013 the total turnover of the industry will reach 100 billion ~1200 billion." Xu Hongwei believes that the rapid development of P2P, an important source of private lending because of the network, the use of the Internet to bypass the restrictions on financial access threshold. With this wave of Internet banking, qualified private lending institutions may lend to the internet. 5 years after China’s net loan volume may exceed $10 trillion."

P2P net loan refers to the individual through the network platform to borrow each other. That is, by the qualification of the site (third party company) as an intermediary platform, the borrower in the platform to issue the subject of the borrower, the borrower to bid for the borrower lending behavior. Due to the low threshold, many can not get through bank loans to people with the help of P 2P platform to obtain small loans; at the same time, compared to other financial products, P 2P products annual yield is generally above 10% or higher (some net loan platform P2P financial products and even known as the annual yield of more than 24%), and on the investment starting point is low, attracting a large number of long tail funds to buy financial products P2P.

According to media reports, since October, there have been more than and 20 net loan platform funding chain problems, cash withdrawals are difficult, but this list is still long stretched. This is the first time since the birth of the net loan outbreak of such a large number of single issue platform. A large number of P2P business failures, whether is the industry’s "Domino" effect appeared? Net loan home CEO Xu Hongwei told the "Shanghai Securities News" interview, said that the current closures have not hurt the industry’s fundamental, more of a shuffle. He concluded that the failure of these companies is a new company, in order to compete in the fierce competition in order to eliminate the industry

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