Dozens of gay sites blocked

recently, a green Internet software, due to the automatic screening gay website, was gay protests. One gay network responsible person said, the site is a project with the National Health Department of public health intervention website, to the public and gay people to spread the correct knowledge of AIDS prevention, but also shielding.

dozens of gay network can not access

recently, users reflect, many gay websites are unable to access, enter the URL will jump to the "green Internet telecommunications" tips page is displayed as "Mom and dad said to you, you are browsing web pages may contain bad information, required to enter the service password, can normally access.

according to statistics, there are dozens of gay sites are blocked, most of which are public health intervention site Project in cooperation with the State Department of health, they spread to the public and gay people through the window of these correct anti AI knowledge and common sense of homosexuality.

is one of the shielding gay website owners Liu said that his site was added to the blacklist, traffic fell 1/3, leads to the decrease of health intervention effect site and site population loss. He said, will be combined with other masked webmaster, protested to the software developers, and retain further prosecution and the right of recourse.

gay users have expressed their protest, the gay website as a ‘porn site’, ‘bad site’ to screen, is a discrimination against homosexuals."

software developers refused to cancel the shield

According to the

software developers Shenzhen aotin Communication Co. Ltd, the software has been covered in more than 10 provinces of Guangdong and other southern city of nearly more than and 40, its mission is to "filter containing pornographic and violent bad information website, guarantee the healthy growth of children." As long as the telecommunications broadband users to open the green Internet business, then the address is accessed by the software address library management, access to the address library to prohibit the URL, it is not normal access.

a gay dating station owners Zhang Tao, submitted to the company the relevant record certificate and public interest cooperation certificate, requiring the lifting of shielding. The other replied that same-sex dating sites are not required for young people website.

7, China Telecom Guangdong company acknowledged that there is no user application and confirmation, automatically open green Internet service situation. They said that after receiving the user complaints, the staff will communicate.

openly gay director Cheng Qingsong said that web sites with pornographic websites are not gay. The CDC of Guangdong province where the group says gay website is a good platform to promote AIDS prevention, health departments will establish cooperation projects with these sites, "none of these platforms, we also have no access to the gay community."

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