The nternet industry has long Supervision each department acting on its own unresolved problem

video business licence everywhere, so that enterprises are confused what is the difference between these licenses; all ministries and open communication industry association every two or three days, enterprises even post specific response to the meeting…… Today, the Internet industry is experiencing these new troubles. Experts said that this phenomenon is in fact reflects the status of the Internet industry has long long supervision, the Internet industry is an emerging industry, the various departments have coveted the development prospects of the industry. Unfortunately, long supervision each department acting on its own result in business loss did not solve the problem, the industry has existed for a long time.

video industry license flying

whether there is no use, the first issued by the various departments of the card to do the same again, in the face of the current bull supervision, the temple will be the status quo, a video site insiders complained to reporters.

not long ago, Youku was issued by the State Press and Publication Administration of Internet publishing license. Reporters learned that, after obtaining this license, Youku will be eligible to receive audio and video publications on the Internet, mobile phone network.

According to

August 2002 the formal implementation of the "Internet publishing management Interim Provisions", the General Administration of press and publication requirements "engaged in Internet publishing activities must be approved, must apply to the Internet publishing license.

, however, the reporter was informed that the investigation, more than 20 qualified video sites in the country, only the first video and Youku both have this card. While the other does not have this card of the video site, as has been issued by SARFT SARFT license, still engaged in the dissemination of online audiovisual publications.

in this regard, the video site insiders Miss Wang told reporters, "from each card regulatory point of view, the difference is very small, the regulatory blurred edges, say we don’t know the staff, estimated that even business leaders are not necessarily distinguish". This reporter consulted the relevant industry analysts, it also said that these certificates "very confused".

at the same time, Ms. Wang further said that the video site to do business content, many departments can get the tube, and the regulatory authorities have to be part of the control of a certificate. The original mother, the Ministry of culture, the Ministry of industry, the State Administration of radio, now the Department has become one of the "mother".

therefore, the reporter login page found the video site, the site on its home page are hung with some standard license, for the approval of the Ministry of ICP license, the SARFT issued by the information network dissemination of audio-visual license and production license, the approval of the Ministry of culture and the network culture operation license.

, according to industry sources, the video site in addition to the above certificates, but also for some licenses, however, the need to handle the license has not publicized on the website.

reporter learned that the news program broadcast video sites also need to apply to the site of the news office to apply for Internet news information service license.

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