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1 social good gay friend: don’t pull it from WeChat,

, easecredit Bieku

two horse struggle is particularly intense in this year, the Alibaba’s mobile social products and carry out marketing activities, payment of 60 million yuan double 11 envelopes to the user, and many people choose to publish promotional links in the WeChat circle of friends to invite new users, advertising will hit the WeChat circle of friends, the results from the Tencent WeChat "ban". Insiders also predicted that Ali, Tencent will have a war. In August of this year, WeChat and Taobao have also staged a mutual ban scene, WeChat halted the third party Taobao application data interface, Taobao is shielded by the two-dimensional code.


is known as the micro Amoy Ali 1 million beta users, and a lot of attention in the November 1st open beta, want to in this year’s singles day revealed a helpless, but mobile social networking has always been its weakness, and WeChat’s 600 million users there are quite a long distance. WeChat fire, Ma anxious, which is claimed to be "the penguin, and fell and fell, the smashing hit!" in the process of thrust between, there is a buddy in the gun.

2: jump disappear instantly search product shutting down the relocation of the headquarters of


header original search words disappear (pictures from @ four new greenhouse) Sina

Meng Hong

Sohu’s Sogou soso, a subsidiary of Tencent, is not the only year of business combination search engine. Only with the "private" rival two search "integration team" make no reply — and in the process, immediately set up more than three years of search (the original search), looks like is disappearing.

regular access to instant search (, may not be the habit of most people. If you visit the people’s Daily’s search engine, unfamiliar people will inevitably be surprised.

3 domain name for the part of the international domain name is widely analyzed hang betting, hanging advertising

is my idea is too simple, it was thought that the domain name is widely resolved because the domain name theft problem. Who would have thought that the domain name is sometimes the domain name is the domain of


webmaster rhl88 said: today I found a wide range of domain names to resolve all of the foreign.

is known to have infected nearly 20 sites, unaware of the countless. All new network users, please check whether the domain name updates. A lot of people have confirmed that this is true. See Annex diagram.


4 "shadow banking" taking shape: after the first boat tickets

Ali financial development today, has become a huge shadow banking.

credit payment, the balance of treasure, cornucopia, the acquisition of Celestica fund, since this year, Ali small micro frequent action. On the surface, Ali financial

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