Pengcheng Loans a non normal death network lending platform


abnormal death of a net loan platform Luo Feng / photo

rapid expansion of the net loan industry recently accelerated reshuffle, almost an average daily closing 1. What does the net lending platform collapse story? A collapse of the net loan company insiders told reporters that the first end unknown insider – false labeling, high interest Xichu, to hire a vest posing as investor……

Securities Times reporter Luo Feng

the afternoon of December 1st, Shenzhen City, Futian District Century Center of excellence, general manager of Pengcheng venture capital management company Ma Yunpeng sitting in the office, the office hall is empty, chairman of the board room is a mess. This is a person to person (P2P) network lending platform, according to industry practice, called "Pengcheng loans". In the bright sunshine, there are several high-grade office buildings around the office, Shenzhen more than and 100 net loan platform mostly settled in this area.

just a few days, Ma Yunpeng experienced a dramatic change in identity. Before the company executives, executives are now, the police investigation, the net loan fraud victims in three identities.

"I have 3 million dollars for Wang Long. Of which about 1000000 yuan from the credit card, do not know what to do next." Ma Yunpeng a face of exhaustion.

he put the investment company net loan project called "cast in Wang Long", because the company’s funds are the legal representative, chairman of the Wang Long personal account, Wang Long is the boss of the company, but also control all the people, this is a typical financial net loan industry is extremely irregular.

boss foot

yesterday, many investors in the company, "the door pull up banners Dun Wang Pengcheng credit fraud, they have hundreds of millions fled to the Shenzhen police.

do not know why the boss running, no signs." Ma Yunpeng said, before the boss foot, no one to threaten or forced collection.

In fact,

net loan platform is not without signs of collapse, the most important thing is to mention the difficulties, because it means that the funding strand breaks. Most of the net loan platform limit before the collapse of the call, the reason is the problem of payment. If it is temporarily delayed payment, in net lending platform is not a serious problem, in fact, most of the platform is rob Peter to pay Paul game play does not go, this is difficult to solve.

Pengcheng loans began issuing "short-term limit withdrawals" announcement in November 4th, said the recent emergence of a few late payment, the company decided to implement the application within 7 days of withdrawal time order queue limit cycle section, each of the daily limit of 5000 yuan, while investment will give people the guard funds 0.13% daily compensation.

November 11th was not able to resume free withdrawals, only announced the next 4 days will be the company’s daily cash withdrawals increased to $700 thousand, which means that even if the limit is 50>

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