Domestic cloud service providers embarrassment do not understand the technology trends cutting edge

cloud computing unique advantages and huge business prospects, so that it has become one of the most popular words in the field of IT in recent years. Of course, this is closely related to the prosperity of China Mobile’s Internet, they need to have the appropriate cloud computing services as a support. But the author Qi Haijiang with his own experience, the current cloud computing services were observed after that, most of the domestic cloud service providers too simple and extensive "remote room + mobile hard drive" mode, can not meet the needs of parallel computing and graphics processing, "as soon as possible to understand the technical trend, the integration of advanced computing tools, in order to promote cloud GPU parallel computing service." Then the cloud GPU parallel computing service is much more important? The author explains the interpretation in the text, between the lines can also glimpse into the domestic cloud services and exaggerated in fact behind the status quo. [



for a long time, cloud computing has become a lively vocabulary. What is cloud computing? It is essentially a kind of social intelligence resources sharing, through technical packet cloud, reduce the difficulty of threshold, so that more users can use a "very difficult" of the advanced technology.

this technology can be applied to what we see now China’s mobile Internet economy is highly prosperous, which requires the corresponding technical height of cloud computing services as a keel support. But now most of China’s cloud service providers are too simple to adopt a wide range of remote room + mobile hard disk mode, can not meet the needs of parallel graphics computing. According to the current trend of computing technology — "video audio +3D+ scale machine learning + =" cloud computing task GPU parallel computing "=" high strength and large data analysis, operators should as soon as possible to understand the technical trend, the integration of advanced computing tools, in order to promote cloud computing services in parallel GPU. This is because:

1 current graphics, images and 3D computing in a variety of video games, film industry, industrial design, medical imaging, space exploration, remote communications and other aspects of a wide range of applications.

with the development of computer technology, graphics and image processing people are increasingly high requirements, especially now the rise of 3D technology, the image processing and 3D calculations have been applied to a variety of video games, film industry, medical imaging, space exploration, various remote communication etc..

now has large 3D games such as "call of duty" "need for speed", the game screen is realistic, strong 3D effects, so the requirements of computer graphic images of the processing capability is very high. The 2010 Movie "Afanda" created the animation image instead of the actor’s 3D movie precedent, it the perfect use of 3D stereo images to create lifelike effect so magnificent picture. In industrial design, there are a lot of widely known 3D processing software, such as AutoCAD, Maya, SolidWorks and other well-known software. In the field of medical imaging, 3D/4D stereo imaging

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