Taiwan announced the closure of the Chinese nternet industry

      very helpless, coupled with bitter. In October 16th, I have made the final decision to completely withdraw from this noisy, and impetuous stage. I would like to help the grassroots, but I finally found that: "no" shrouded in everyone’s mind, all the air is low, all people are anxious, all the heart is quick.

      I am very distressed, do not know what to write, do not know how to make grassroots people, I even despair. Finally, I have decided that this industry has now quit the Internet, and my "bye bye".

      melancholy like a knife as mercilessly thorn in my heart, I finally in despair at that moment, I decided to adjust the direction, to the most authentic "management" of character management, not other words, I went back to the Alibaba management topics, people welcomed me with the heat that good, way. One of the features I have on the Internet is to see how many people are involved in the discussion, whether they are eager to solve their doubts. I prefer to ask people to ask me questions, ask a variety of specific issues, in order to make specific comments. I usually send a few articles for testing, if a website or forum, rarely participate in the discussion, so this place was abandoned, no matter how famous site, will not occur again for my pen.

      "China’s law" is stepping up the manuscript written, is expected to cause a large area of sensation, will be the fastest possible launch in December published. It will solve the mystery of why people can not succeed, why people can not achieve the dream of large enterprises, and how to do? This book will deeply and thoroughly unravel these mysteries. Carefully read this book will find, do business will lose nothing anyone, can easily realize the dream of wealth, everyone, even to each person’s name can appear fifty, one hundred companies.

        "management", people will feel it seems so far away from their own, when the Internet over $in the drift, the entire industry people are dreaming of "take VC money" and "listed", but no one down to think about. Not much, give you thirty people, let you go, you can manage? You know how to divide the Department, improve the business, expand sales, and how to deploy the administrative management.

      don’t tell me, as long as the money, hire a manager on the line, the number thirty of the company, in the market, can not find the quality management personnel, because the temple is too small. And you do the Internet is not the same, you can three years to become an Internet veteran, but an experienced tube >

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