Offbeat business logic worker do not advertise refused to star how to do 300 million users

is this world of ordinary people, and then is reflected in the world of ordinary people’s life."

was criticized by public opinion into a corner, has always been low-key, mysterious, offbeat hand set up large selection of signs in Zhongguancun Wudaokou to respond to the center of the universe. But many people do not know is that this sign is not in the office but it quickly, in the next door.

this sense of dislocation in this family has 300 million registered users of the video Unicorn everywhere: in the eyes of deft co-founder, CEO host China, then is a record of the lives of ordinary people, in the opinion of some media, full of controversial content quickly is Chinese society "cruel bottom story" in the industry view, deft; user groups from low-end, large not for outsiders familiar country, according to official data showed deft hand, regardless of video sources or users, the first group was from the capital of Beijing.

The number of users,

large city village to each other and cognitive needs, not strange, public relations ability and deteriorating external environment, so that the first blind rush "monster" to stop and think about the responsibility they should bear the sideline where.

In an interview with the Tencent

technology started just a minute later, Su Hua opened a quick video highlights, this video is a city country, city Parkour there are country pond diving, someone to open the helicopter also someone driving a tractor. And at the end of the video is a lovely child, he proudly told the Tencent technology, said: This is my baby."

in the network of red, beautiful, young model filled the screen era, China insists that night is the ordinary people quickly show the life should be, rather than those who live in small time on the platform "". Even if the negative Su Hua ridden, but don’t worry about what users quickly see quickly, because he felt that the worker users know what is the core of the hand.


had little comment about external programmer, concern is now in the public sector in the hand is not to have a correct understanding of the science and technology, told the Tencent interview, is also the first high-level quickly in the face of the media, expounds the video platform business logic and offbeat growth trajectory.

did not give up the social dream

young people like excitement and sharing, video social development must be the future form."

co-founder Cheng Yixiao Yang Yuanxi, then worked for two years in Dalian HP. In December 2010, HUAWEI quit the work of Yang Yuanxi north, join Cheng smile team, trader gif deft. This kind of software development tool is very rapid, with tens of millions of users at the peak of millions of active users.

2013 has Baidu background Su Hua to join the team, which makes the co-founder worker reached as many as four, and all IT engineers to the occupation resume let them "with each other is more convenient than the language exchange code". < >

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