Let me talk about my experience

      were fascinated by this concept is from the beginning of contact "website", (you do not laugh ah), I remember a time when the Internet to see an article written by others "forum for the tutorial", he immediately to the Internet spent a great time to understand what is space, what is the database, what is FTP, for free space, finally is installed a 2.2 DISCUZ forum, then began playing the forum, a person often get a day, forget to eat, sleep is what happened at that time every day, busy with plug-in to forum. This one, come a few days to get the forum data table is damaged and can not access, did not know how to solve, only from the new one, those are not get in front of the plug-in, and then again. In short, the failure to get a little experience, and finally get to normal access, now I think of it now is really very funny, just beginning to make their students to visit, then help you do that dynamic station, registration number is also a more than and 400. One day you open the browser, enter your URL (at that time or by others of the 2 domain names), found that has not visited, finally found the reason, is the free space taking my space to stop, the data did not get back, this also sad for a period of time, then in 2005 June, he spent 150 yuan to buy a domain name and 100M space, did not do this forum, and made a small station, and also in their own busy every day The site, find some people love things put up, let others visit, since it was found "out of this place, to see behind the others write your experience often, see the discussion very passionate, when in 2005 registered a ID, want to join this behind, they are trying to the study is now studying in PHP, progress is not great so get out of their own written procedures to apply outdated, hard ing.

      in 2006, the site traffic was only about
      http://s.www.51.la/ 474525, see password 45860

      http://s.www.cnzz.com/stat/website.php? Web_id=230636 password 7s98

      is also working hard, and I don’t know why Baidu recently closed my domain name (no cheating). Very depressed.
by reading the reason has been very busy no time to management in 2007.

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