Network nformation Office strengthen the barrage network broadcast and other new product safety as

IT home hearing, according to China news network news, August 17th China National Internet Information Office held a forum in Beijing, the main responsibility for the implementation of online information management website put forward eight requirements.

eight requires a clear, engaging in Internet news information service website to establish the editor of responsibility, editor of news content to guide the creation and production of communication activities and overall responsibility, improve the editor and the core content of management staff, management, evaluation and withdrawal mechanism; release of information should be oriented and correct, accurate facts and source standard and legal compliance; enhance the ability of information security technology, the construction of news writing audit system, strengthen the safety assessment on the webcast, barrage and other new products, new applications, new features on the line. In addition, the website also should strictly implement 7× 24 hours duty system, establish a sound management system, improve the user comments, registration and management system, strengthen the construction of content management team reported receiving work.

found that the national network information office before the examination, part of the site in the standardization of management system construction, information security personnel, equipped with power input technology has done a lot of work, but there are still some problems that can not be ignored in general, including problems with common: editor of responsibility form, management system is not perfect, the lack of supporting incentive accountability mechanism; information security loophole, source management is not standardized; the account management mechanism is not perfect, the registration information audit is not strict; the work reported receiving enough attention.

Ren Xianliang, deputy director of the state network

, said the online information management, the site should bear the main responsibility, government administrative departments to strengthen supervision. All websites must seriously study and implement the spirit of the speech, according to the national network information office director of the forum’s "basic norms, basic management, strengthen local management responsibility, strengthen the website main responsibility" requirement, strengthen the main responsibility for the implementation of the ideological consciousness. Competent authorities and Internet companies to establish a close cooperation and coordination of relations, out of a concerted, positive interaction of the new road.

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