Dongguan fourth nternet Conference will be held in December 20th

Internet industry in the past ten years of rapid development, now presents the trend of the four: personalized, interactive, social and regional. The Internet has gradually shifted from the edge of a product, the transition to the world wide attention and application of the central focus. Not long ago, the Shenzhen municipal government adopted a decision, since the beginning of this year for 7 consecutive years, a total investment of 3 billion 500 million to revitalize and develop the Internet industry. At the same time this year, our network culture association of Dongguan was proclaimed, indicating the government departments concerned to accelerate the development of the Internet industry’s determination.

09 years of the Internet Conference in Dongguan in accordance with the practice of previous network conference held in the last month of each year, is now scheduled to be held on December 20th (Sunday), location and application

it is worth noting that the annual meeting for the first time by the CPC Dongguan municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Dongguan city cultural construction and management leading group, Dongguan City Network Cultural Association organized Dongguan, 66 nets (static flowers wood), Dongguan Dance Network (Thanksgiving) Co. Dongguan is the highest level of previous network conference is also a large-scale conference.

according to the general assembly in recent years, the development of the current situation of Dongguan webmaster circle, combined with the characteristics of Dongguan and the actual economic situation. Around the SNS popularity, the industry station profitable operations, the site team building three themes positioning speech and interactive discussion, effectively close to the expectations of the majority of the owners.

the following is the annual meeting of the plan, please the majority of network operators and friends in Dongguan attention.

fourth annual meeting of the Dongguan Internet plan

guidance unit: the Propaganda Department of the CPC Dongguan Municipal Committee, the office of the leading group office of Dongguan network culture construction and management

sponsor: Dongguan Network Culture Association

co organizer: Dongguan 66 nets, Dongguan dance network,

sponsor: Dongguan data

media support: Dongguan TV, Southern Metropolis Daily, Dongguan times, Dongguan daily, the new express, information times, laggards, webmaster network, China Adsense station

conference location: Dongguan City Cultural City Hall (Dongguan Dongguan City Weekend Cultural Square next to the district government,


held time: December 20, 2009 14:30 – 17:30


organizing committee members: Sun Mingming, Lin, LiH bin, Li Yuting

guest list (ranking):

ylmf responsible person: Lai Lin Feng

founder of the laggards: Dong

webmaster network CEO: figure king

love gathered founder: Guo Jijun

"webmaster" magazine editor: Zhang Xiang

078 game network CEO: Hu Yang


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